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Spanish Armed Forces ICR Individual Combat Ration - Menu B2
Manufactured in Spain
Overall Rating: 7/10
NOTE: Explanation of Spanish Army MRE design is at the end of this post.

Contents: Meatballs with peas 200gr, sardines in tomato sauce 115 gr, fruit cocktail 190gr, pate 70 gr, instant vegetable soup 20gr. 

2 x Water purification tablets, 3 x solid fuel tablets, 4 x isotonic drink mix, chewing gum, matches (20), folding stove, 10 x napkins/tissues, fluoride dental paste, hand disinfectant, instruction sheet. 

Heating up the contents - a small reusable folding metal stove is provided along with fuel tablets (Esbit) and matches. Fold the stove according to the instruction sheet included in the box. 

Stove will have two legs and a tray to hold the fuel tablets. Then cans can be placed on top of the stove for heating. 

Fuel Tablet Esbit Brand

Place fuel tablet in stove and light, the place food can for heating. 

Per the instructions: pop the top on the can or it will boil over. Heating is very fast. One tablet is plenty.

The can will be HOT! Use the pull ring as a handle! 

Main meal: Meatballs with peas. 8-9 LARGE meatballs. Great seasoned beef flavor without the chemical taste found in other MREs. Delicious red wine sauce.

Sides: Fruit Cocktail - a step below US grocery products. Mushy fruit and less sugary syrup. Not terrible but not what we are used to. 

Sardines in Tomato Sauce - not a fish fan but we enjoyed it. No strong fishy taste, very large high quality fish steaks, no bones.

Pate - creamy, light flavor (no heavy iron taste). Much nicer than may Eastern European heavy iron pates. We could see whole peppercorns in the pate. Elegant and delicate flavors. 

Instant Soup - we used an empty to heat the soup. Worked perfectly. This soup was rich, salty and very tasty. Potatoes and onion can be seen. 

Accessories - Dental cream, hand sanitizer, gum, isotonic drink mixes. 

Drinks were light lemon flavor. Essential electrolytes and vitamins. The contents said 4 but we got 5 packets. 

PROs: Very small package, easy to stack, pack and transport
Very high quality ingredients, subtle but nice flavors. 
Rugged packaging. Cans are sturdy. 
Quality of life items are great. Handy reusable items.
Reusable stove, dental cream, matches, fuel, sanitation.
A complete package (except for utensils). 
Lot of electrolytes which is usually lacking in most MREs. 
CONS: no utensils
Matches are not great quality
No bread or crackers (see below comments). 
The Spanish ICR is an individual combat ration that comes in three types - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 
Normally 3 ICRs are given per day. 
Bread/crackers are given separately called "pan gaetta"
Spain is one of the largest consumers of seafood in the world.
The menus contain many cultural dishes: squid, octopus, sardines, etc. 
Spanish troops would expect quality ingredients, and that's where this MRE shines. 


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