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What are we doing here?
Creating the most useful survival kit in the smallest form possible.
After much research and development, we created a survival MRE! 
Available for purchase here

It's a marriage of two worlds: survival and MREs.

The concept comes from "go bags", "bug out bags" or "72 hour bags".

Go bags are large, bulky and heavy. 

The survival MRE provides very basic

  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • fire starting
  • first aid
  • warmth
  • hygiene 
  • tools
  • signaling
  • fishing
  • repair
  • electrolytes
  • light
  • power
  • cooking
  • navigation
  • and more in the small foot print of an MRE
  • with all the benefits of the MRE's special bag.

Perfect for under the seat, vehicle compartments, inside bags, desk, boat, etc.

It will fit MANY more places than even the smallest go bag. 

We will dive deep into each module of the Survival MRE, and their multiple uses.

British Army Survival Tin: The backbone of this kit. This is the smallest possible kit (think Altoids tin), that packs quality components that covers a number of essential areas. Weighs only 7 oz. Just this small tin covers: 

  • Tools: locking blade knife, wire saw, razor blades
  • First Aid: Adhesive Dressings
  • Water: water purification tabs, water carriers (condoms), silicon tubing
  • Fire: waterproof matches, candle, flint and striker, tinder cotton balls
  • Repair: Vinyl tape, sewing kit, safety pins, nylon cord, zip ties
  • Food: fishing kit, snare wires
  • Navigation: Button compass, pencil
  • Light: led flashlight, candle
  • Signaling: signal mirror, distress whistle
  • Cooking: Tin with handles

Food: High energy compressed food bar - ~450 calories, 7 oz. These bars are amazing. Plenty of energy to keep you going in an emergency, along with some vitamins and micronutrients. Very strong packaging. Bar can be divided for later use. 

nanoSPARK Firestarter:  waterproof lighter with high speed flint wheel, stores extra flints and tinder (included). CNC machined, unbreakable. 

MREmountain FRED: Spoon, can opener, bottle opener, and fishing lure.

Eat N Tool: Spork, wrench, pry bar, bottle opener, and more

Swiss Card Lite:  Scissors, blade, tweezers, screwdriver, ball point pen, toothpick, ruler (cm/inch), stainless steel pin

ripSPOOL Field Repair Kit: 60 feet of 30 lb test braided line, 50 inches of tape, #16 sail needle, Firecord Lanyard firestarter.

Personal First Aid Kit : Sanitizing wipes, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic Wipe, Sterile Gauze Pad, Burn Gel, Assorted Bandages.

Fresnel Lens: 4x magnification with ruler measurements

FireDragon mini cooker: Just big enough for your survival tin to be used as a small cook pot! 

tinderZIP: Zipper pull that doubles as highly flammable, waterproof tinder.

Flame Nest with Lighter: Waterproof floating lighter.

Emergency rain poncho/contractor bag: Keep you and your gear dry, improvise shelter

Liquid IV/Emergen-C: Crucial electrolytes and vitamins to avoid dehydration.

Water carry bags: carrying water, keeping items dry, doubles as fire starter. 

US MRE hot beverage bag: very strong container with tons of uses. Mix drinks, keep things dry, leave messages, organize small items, includes volume measurements. Infinitely useful.

PRO TIP: Put your hand warmers in here! 

Ranger Bands: Repair, fastener, tinder. Many uses.

Twist and Pull Fire Starter Plugs: Amazing Firestarter!

Toilet Paper: Always necessary! Good firestarter or bandage in a pinch.

HotHands Hand warmers: May save your fingers or toes.

Wet wipes: Hygiene is normally forgotten, but it's crucial. Also tinder

Compressed coin towels: Smaller than a penny, clean yourself, also tinder!


Power: AA + AAA (5 each). GPS, headlamp, etc are always dead when you need them most. 

USA MRE Bag: this bag is special in more ways than one. Super tough, but with an easy peel seal. Very useful container even after it's opened. You could wear these on your feet for improvised waterproofing, patch a shelter, carry water, etc


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