MRE Secrets Part 1 The Mountain House Myth News, Foreign MRE FAQs, and Guides

The secret of overpriced commercial freeze-dried meals.

Fact: Military feeding products (MREs, rations etc.) are more efficient and cost effective than commercial freeze dried meals like Mountain House, Backpacker’s Pantry, Peak, etc.

Example A – Calories and nutrition

3 x Mountain House meals per day = 600 calories x 3= 1,800 calories total

  • This is below the 2,000-calorie minimum recommended daily value for adult per FDA.
  • This is DANGEROUSLY low for outdoor activities.
  • Hiking, biking, climbing, hunting, etc. can burn 3,000 to 4,000 calories per day.

Mountain House freeze dried meal

reduced calories = reduced energy, dangerous weight loss, reduced muscle recovery, brain fog, cramping, etc.

Solution: USA military Meal, Cold Weather (MCW) contains military grade Mountain House freeze dried meals.

Calories: 2 x MCWs per day = 3,060 calories total

MCWs provide everything needed for sufficient nutrition during strenuous activities.

MCWs also include critical components.

  • electrolyte drinks
  • matches
  • toilet paper

USA military Meal Cold Weather contents

Example B - Cost

Mountain House meals x 3 per day = $11.50 x 3 = $34.50 per day

$34.50 per day for NOT enough calories or nutrition.

Mountain House Freeze dried meal prices

MCWs x 2 = $16.66 x 2 = $33.32 per day

  • Proper nutrition
  • more food
  • more useful items
  • very light and waterproof package
  • LESS than the price of commercial Mountain House meals.


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