Our complete shipping FAQ - Shipping to Canada, tracking and transit times

Shipping FAQ tracking shipping times and more

  • We ship 6 days per week (Monday through Saturday) and process orders every day. 

  • Transit times vary. Within the USA 2-10 days is average, some orders can take longer!

  • International orders can take longer. 

  • We use ALL carriers to find you the best rate and speed. 

  • Tracking varies by carrier used, so if your tracking link isn't working, check your tracking number on https://www.17track.com 

  • Shipping to Canada: Read item descriptions. A FEW items only ship to the Lower 48, but MOST items can ship to Canada and any other nation. 

  • We ship to ANY NATION on earth, without exception but exclusions on certain items do apply.

Preparation for standard shipping is 1 - 2 working days, delivery time for standard shipping approximately is 3 - 10 working days. Customer must report any problems occurred during delivery. Please note that the store is not responsible for the delivery time. We only provide you tracking information from postal services. To deliver our orders, we use delivery services such as USPS, DHL, Hermes, or national postal services equivalent to these services. If you need express delivery (extra charge is possible), please contact us at mremountain@hotmail.com


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