Be advised: the ongoing situation regarding COVID 19 is causing unpredictable, unknown and in some cases significant transit delays for ALL carriers both within the USA and outside the USA. 

There are two reasons this is occuring: 

1) More customers are placing online orders 

2) Travel restrictions are causing a lack of transportation, particularly commercial air flights. 

This is causing increased parcel volume, while at the same time reducing transportation. 

ANY delay is completely OUT OF OUR CONTROL. Once we consign your package over to the carrier it is now their responsibility to deliver.

Nearly EVERY hub and airport in the world is experiencing a huge backlog of packages waiting to be moved on a commercial flight. 

Flights to AU/NZ are particularly difficult to find. 

Some nations are still unable to accept any deliveries (for example parts of Northern Italy). 

If you are waiting for your order, please track it here:

If you have been waiting more than 30 business days, please contact us directly here: 

In addition, RECORD HIGH order volume may increase processing times up to 7 days. Please be patient. 

Thank you for your patience. 

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